Advertising, branding, web & print design. Welcome to my Online Portfolio.



I use XHTML 1.0 Transitional for all page content and leave all styling to CSS. This creates a cleaner page structure which is easier to read and edit. To generate page code I use either Dreamweaver or hand-code, and validate using I use include files for content that is repeated over several pages for speed of editing.


I use CSS for all page styling for the speed and flexibility it gives. A pure CSS layout is always the aim and I validate using Use of CSS also helps with a page's SEO, since all style code is kept in an outside CSS document.


I do not have experience of writing Javascript, but have knowledge of how a script is put together and where the separate elements should be placed, and can therefore implement it into a web-page.


I keep a checklist of SEO techniques which I constantly add to & amending to keep up to date. High keyword density along with valid code and use of metatags are a few examples. I often refer to Google's for techniques, amongst other sources.


For latest accessibility standards I refer to I alway create websites with accessibility in mind, utilising techniques such as alt text with images for screen readers and sizes defined in ems to allow for text resizing.


I have a basic working knowlege of Flash, examples of my work can be seen here. I can draw in flash and use tweening to create animations but have limited knowlege of Actionscript. I really enjoy using Flash and would like to learn more. For basic two+ frame banner ads I would use Adobe ImageReady.


Largely self-taught, I would describle my knowledge of PHP/MySQL as basic to intermediate. I have worked alone on small projects such as the Giraffe Blog where I created the front end for viewing blogs, an administration section for adding, editing and deleting blogs and MySQL database tables for storing blogs and administrators details. I use simple PHP scrips in most websites, for example to display the time and date on a page, to validate form data and to send emails via an HTML form. I use phpMyAdmin to create and edit database tables and have had wide experience with using SQL syntax within PHP scripts.


I use a combination of programmes to create graphics for websites. Usually Illustrator to create the initial style as I know this programme well and using it I can work fast. I use photoshop for any effects required and Fireworks to put together the final graphics for its slice tool and web functionalities.


Photoshop I have a working knowledge of Photoshop and use online tutorials to gain further knowledge.

Illustrator I have a working knowledge of Illustrator with some illustration skills and wide experience of using the pen tool. I also use online tutorials to gain further knowledge of Illustrator.

QuarkXPress I have a working knowledge QuarkXPress which I use for page layouts.